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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ONLINE: Community Engagement Empower Hour

August 13, 2020 / 09:30 PM - 10:30 PM

The Dramatists Guild Northern California invites members to Get EMPOWERED to take action.

Many citizens are feeling passionate about racial injustice, the upcoming election, our climate crisis, arts funding, health care, and many other issues. Unfortunately, an action that can be done at any time often gets done at no time. That’s where the Empower Hour comes in.

The Zoom meeting Empower Hour will begin with a round-robin greeting. Then, for the next 50 minutes, members will take part in some of these community engagement activities:

  • Sign petitions;
  • Call or email reps and senators, and state and local reps;
  • Email city council members;
  • Email relatives and friends to remind them to register to vote;
  • Register ourselves to vote;
  • Write postcards;
  • Do research on specific topics of interest.

NOTE: This event is non-partisan. Members are encouraged to take action on any topic about which they are passionate, without regard to political party affiliation.

Join fellow Dramatists Guild members to defeat procrastination and spur activation. Bring your own action items or, just bring yourself, your passion, your phone, and your computer. Any member not sure about where to start will be paired with a volunteer to help them select an activity in their area of interest. In our last hour, each Dramatist took five actions to promote racial justice in the short space of an hour.

Everyone is welcome!

To learn more about the Dramatists Guild's Political Engagement Initiative, please click here.


Patricia Milton, Northern California Regional Rep

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